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Hey everyone! I'm not sure if you know, but I've decided to go back to school. I'm excited, and a bit nervous - but it also means Wicked Bride will have to close for a bit.

Starting July 1, I'll be closed for business as I'll be out of the country for most of the month. In August, I'll be taking limited orders for the scallop invitation set, since it will be featured in the fall issue of the Knot magazine (eek!). I will not re-open for regular orders until May or June of 2015.

I know. Bummer. But I'm one of those girls who has trouble walking and chewing gum at the same time so I'll need to focus on my studies. I know anyone who's ever made a student loan payment can feel me right now, right? All those buckaroos for an additional degree means study, study, study!

As of right now, I have 1 open spot in my queue for April (delivers mid-May) and 6 open spots for May (all delivering in June). If you're thinking of booking, book now!

Wedding Invitation Etiquette


I have a confession for you guys: I can be something of an etiquette idiot.

I know, I know - as a professional in the wedding invitation industry I should know this stuff backwards and fowards like some kind of stationery sobriety test. When I was a bride, I made sure to be aware of the rules, even if I broke a few (that's what rules are for, right?) - but as a stationery designer there are simply things that are, and that are not acceptable when it comes to invitations.

I'm well aware of the "biggies" - don't ever put registry information on your invitations. Ever. But some of the older, stodgy rules have shifted in modern times. For example? Most couples now have a wedding website and some even require online RSVPs. As a pro, my brides depend on me to steer them in the right direction - but Google can only get you so far.

That's where Jennifer Faught comes in. Did you know my friend is an etiquette expert? We met at Stationery Academy last year and when I was recently in something of an etiquette pickle, she was the first person I turned to (sorry, Google). Jennifer quite literally wrote the book on modern invitation etiquette and graciously sent me a copy to keep in my arsenal.

The guide details every little thing you need to know about proper invitation etiquette. It gives great tips on what to know before you buy, how many to order, how to word your invitation even in the trickiest of family situations, and how to correctly address your envelopes. If you are a bride who is completely lost and more than a bit overwhelmed as you start to look for invitations, I highly (highly!) recommend picking up a copy of Jennifer's book - click here to purchase. The guide will de-mystify your invitation journey and is the perfect gift to pass on to your soon-to-be married friends.

I'm not joking when I tell you that I've picked up this book almost daily since it arrived. I'll probably never follow all the rules (I'm such a rebel, yo) - but at least now I have a great reference on hand when tricky etiquette situations arrive!

NYC Loft Wedding on Fab You Bliss


I'm excited to share Miriam and Fred's NYC wedding that was featured on Fab You Bliss! Wicked Bride provided their graphic Playbill wedding invitations. I've always secretly wished that Boston had more studios available for rent so I could have a wedding like this - it's simply beautiful. Lovely light, lovely colors, lovely details! Check out the full gallery on Fab You Bliss!

photo by Rebecca Yale Portraits

First Snow


Here in the northeast, we're enjoying our first snow. I went out to the mailbox and couldn't help snapping a few photos. I love snow - especially when it's light and fluffy. When it starts to pile up by the foot, it's a different situation. But for now I'm enjoying watching the fat flakes drift lazily and collect on branches while I paint the guest room. Yes, the guest room is getting another makeover - I can't seem to stop myself. But hey, that's what snow days are for, right?

Sorry for all the radio silence - I have a lot going on behind the scenes right now, and I will share more when I can. Until then, stay warm everyone!

Wicked Bride Interview on Wedding Lovely & Featured Design


Wow, it's been a busy day, right? It's my anniversary - yay! - so it's pretty darn cool that an interview I did with the wonderful gals at Wedding Lovely ended up on their blog today! Click here to check out the full story. Like the pic? That's one of my new headshots by the incredibly talented Katie Nobel. Yes, she does weddings - check her out!

The second post features my popular Starry Night invitation. Guys, I love this invitation so much, I want to have another wedding just so I can have an excuse to use this design. Remember you can purchase samples in my shop - or click here to see the feature!

Happy (Halloween) Anniversary!

I think this is the moment when I'm supposed to say, "wow, time flies." But really, it's been four years and it feels like four years. Actually, it feels a bit longer.

That's not a bad thing - so much has happened in the last four years, I feel like it could fill forty instead. We bought a house, I started a company, I quit my day job, I'm working on starting a second company, Mike has built a couple museums and flown to New York, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. more times than he'd like to admit. Life has been good. Busy, but good.

I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm still hopelessly in love with my husband. I know, I'm a big old softie. But he's my world - he knows it, and loves it. It's not easy to take an independent, iron-clad, dyed-in-the-wool feminist who's adamant about never getting married and make her get all squishy over you, that's for sure - so I think he sees my conquest as one of his greatest accomplishments. You know, next to this.

I have a little announcement for you all (no, I'm not pregnant) - there will be some changes around here in the next few months. I'm working with a talented designer to help me rebuild my blog under a new name (I teased that on facebook a little while ago). I'm planning on shaking things up a bit around here. We'll talk about weddings, and paper - yes - but we'll also talk home projects, drool over lamps I can't afford to buy, get giddy over things I can afford to buy (I call him Ping), talk about how it sucks to gain weight and have skin problems in your thirties - you know, life. And I hope you'll all stick around for it.

Wicked Bride will also be getting a new look and logo, and I hope to launch my second business next month... ack - it's next month TOMORROW, isn't it? Gotta get back to the sewing machine!

In the Studio: White Ink Printing on Rustic Save the Dates


Did you guys know that I (1) print for some really talented designers who want to create pretty things and not have the hassle of pre-press and (2) have white ink printing available? Well, I do, and I do!

This rustic and whimsical save the date design comes from Rachel of I've printed for Rachel in the past, and each of her designs is more beautiful than the last! I love this sweet heart motif on kraft paper - the white ink really pops off the page.

This option is a really great alternative for couples who want to use a dark paper, but don't want to spring for letterpress. I've already got some other white ink printing projects lined up (White on thick, luxe navy paper? Yes, please!) so stay tuned for some more delicious designs.
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